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Obtaining an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine
foreigners identification code
Identification code in Ukraine may be needed not only to citizens of Ukraine but also to foreigners. Next, we will consider in what cases an identification code is needed, whether foreigners can get it, and how to do it.

What is an identification code (TIN, tax number)

The identification code in Ukraine (TIN or tax number) is the number that the tax service of Ukraine assigns to individuals for identification, accounting and tax purposes. Individuals include all citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, and stateless persons.
In material form, the identification code (TIN, tax number) is a certificate (extract) from the register of tax payers in the form established by law. It indicates the assigned taxpayer identification number, last name, middle name, date of birth, authority that issued the code, date of issue.
Citizens can be adults and minors to receive the code; there are no age restrictions.

Why do I need an identification code for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners

An identification code is needed for most legally significant actions in Ukraine:
  • conclusion of any contracts;
  • work;
  • large payments or purchases;
  • buying a property;
  • opening, registration, purchase of company (business);
  • opening a bank account and banking services, bank payments;
  • interaction with government bodies;
  • and other cases.
Obtaining an identification code does not in itself create tax liabilities.

How to get an identification code

The procedure for obtaining an identification code for citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens differs slightly in terms of the necessary documents. For citizens of Ukraine you need to provide a copy of your passport (and an extract from the state demographic register if the passport is issued in the form of an ID card). And for foreign citizens, a translation of a passport certified by a notary is additionally needed.
To obtain an identification code, you need to contact the tax (Derzhavna Podatkova Service) and submit the completed 1DR form.
Sample of filling out an application for issuing an identification code:

Sample of filling out an application for issuing an identification code

The production time for a tax code is usually from 3 to 7 days.
To obtain an identification code, children who do not have a passport need a birth certificate and only one of the parents can submit documents.
Minor citizens of Ukraine aged 14 to 18 who have a passport can independently obtain an identification code.

Is it possible to obtain an identification code without presence

The identification code can be obtained without presence. To do this, the filing of documents for the receipt and issuance of an identification code must be done by an authorized person. The authority of the proxy is certified by the power of attorney to represent interests in the tax, submit documents and receive an identification code.
The power of attorney should contain the following text:

The text of the power of attorney to obtain an identification code

The power of attorney can be certified by a notary in Ukraine or abroad with Apostille / Legalization and translation into Ukrainian.

What does an alien identification code look like in Ukraine

After receiving the identification code of a foreign citizen is as follows:

Sample  foreigners Identification Code

You can order an identification code on our website

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