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Obtaining an identification code (Ukrainian tax number)
identification code (Ukrainian tax number)
Obtaining an identification code (Ukrainian tax number) is not a complicated process, which is under the power of any citizen. First, let's define what an identification code is and why it is needed.

What is an identification code?

What is an identification code - this is the number assigned to a person in Ukraine when registering in the State Register of persons - tax payers. In confirmation of registration, a document is issued - a taxpayer card, which in itself is only an extract from the registry. Therefore, if you lose the identification code, it will not be changed and all your data will be saved in the registry, it will be enough to re-get the paper version (duplicate) of the identification code.
The identification code in Ukraine is assigned to individuals by a tax code. The identification code serves for the purposes of taxation of citizens in Ukraine and registration of citizens in other state bodies, state registers. In fact, the identification code is a tax number or, by analogy with other countries, it can also be called a ITN (individual tax number). The identification code in Ukraine can be obtained by both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, and stateless persons.

Why do you need an identification code?

In everyday life, an identification code is necessary for an adult people. It is needed for:
  • conclusion of all types of contracts;
  • hiring to a job;
  • purchase, sale, registration of real estate and other property;
  • when opening a company;
  • opening a bank account;
  • marriage;
  • when applying to various state bodies for any purpose.
There are exceptions when a person, for his religious reasons, can refuse to receive an identification code by officially notifying the relevant authorities, then he will carry out all the above actions using the series and passport number. Registration of such persons is carried out in a separate register of the State Register by last name, first name, patronymic (if any), series and / or number of a valid passport.

What law governs the issuance of an identification code?

Legislation to obtain an identification code is regulated by Order No. 822 of the Ministry of Finance dated September 29, 2017 “On Approving the Regulation on the Registration of Individuals in the State Register of Individuals - Tax Payers” (the order is valid at the time of writing).
In accordance with the terminology of the Law, the official name of the identification code in Ukraine is the registration card of an individual who is a tax payer.

Where to get the identification code?

The identification code in Ukraine is issued by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies on the ground.
Citizens of Ukraine submit documents to the supervisory authority at their tax address (place of residence), and those who are temporarily outside the community or do not have a permanent residence in Ukraine, to any supervisory authority.
Foreigners and stateless persons submit documents to the territorial bodies of the SFS in Kiev, and foreigners and stateless persons holding a residence permit or temporary residence permit in Ukraine can register with the tax authorities corresponding to their place of residence in Ukraine.
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How to get an identification code?


Children also need an identification code. To obtain an identification code for children under 16 years of age, one of the child's parents must apply to the tax office with the following documents:
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of the passport of one of the parents;
  • completed application Form No. 1DR.
Minors over the age of 16 receive an identification code personally in their passport (Id-card).

Adult citizens

To receive the code, they personally apply with such documents
  • copy of the passport (notarized translate is needed for foreigners);
  • completed application Form No. 1DR.
or through a representative, having previously issued a power of attorney for him.
Sample of filling out the form No. 1DR:

Sample of filling out an application for issuing an identification code

After submitting the documents you will need to come again to receive the original identification code. The average time for making an identification code in a tax code is 5-7 days.

Changes to the identification code

In some cases, changes to the identification code are required, for example, correction of errors, typos; or if your personal data has changed, such as your last name or another.
To make changes to the identification code, it is necessary to submit an application to the tax authority in the form of No. 5DR together with copies of documents confirming the need to make the changes.
Sample of filling out the form No. 5DR:

Example of filling out an application for amending the identification code

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