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Divorce during the coronavirus COVID-19
Divorce during the coronavirus COVID-19
Is it possible to get a divorce during the quarantine of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic?

Registry offices do not work with visitors during quarantine

Divorcing in the registry office during the quarantine of the coronavirus COVID-19 will fail. Now the registry offices do not accept visitors and register only the facts of birth and death, without issuing repeated certificates.

How courts work during quarantine

The Constitution of Ukraine provides the right to judicial protection even in conditions of martial law or a state of emergency.
During quarantine, you can issue a divorce only in court. Courts have not stopped their work, although they will act in accordance with recommendations on working in a coronavirus.
Restrictions on holding mass events in courts and outside courts were established with the participation of judges and court staff. There is a restriction on admission to the court of persons who are not participants in the process and persons who have signs of illness.
Only urgent cases will be considered, and cases that require a short review time. All minor cases (which include divorce cases) can be postponed to a later date.
If there is the possibility of written proceedings or other types of remote proceedings, they will apply. This also applies to divorce cases, a significant part of which can be considered in this order.

Divorce Claims

At the same time, courts are accepting new lawsuits and opening new court proceedings.
This means that you can use quarantine time for divorce.
Subject to quarantine restrictions, you can file a lawsuit with the court registry or by mail.
You can pay the court fee at bank branches that have not closed.
You can learn more about preparing a statement of claim from our article "How to write a statement of claim for divorce" and our other articles.

Divorce in court

Using the types of remote proceedings, it is possible to obtain a divorce case during the quarantine period. Particularly great are the chances for processes with the absence of disputes and mutual consent to divorce.
Cases with the need for personal participation of the parties and the resolution of disputes between them are likely to be postponed. However, in each case, the decision to consider the case or adjourn the meeting will be decided individually.
In any case, if the decision to divorce has already been made, you can accelerate the dissolution of the marriage by using quarantine time to file an application and open a case.

Remote divorce in quarantine

Under COVID-19 quarantine, you can order a divorce service without leaving your home.
To do this, you need to send a scan of a copy of documents to us by e-mail and pay half the cost of services. After signing up the application and preparing the documents for submission to the court, you will be able to sign them, and then together with the original marriage certificate to send us using our courier or by “New Mail”, “Ukrposhta”.
Next, we will file your claim with the court and we will conduct your case until a court decision is received.

You can order part or all of a divorce case. You can entrust the conduct of the divorce case to experienced legal professionals on our website
We will be happy to help.

Quick order of divorce

700 grn.
Learning documents
Consultation and judicial strategy
Writing of a statement of claim
Receipt for payment of court fee
12000 grn.
Consultation and judicial strategy
Representation in court with attorney
All court hearings
Receiving a ready-made court decision

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