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Most often, people get divorced due to the fact that they do not agree in characters, drunkenness or betrayal. If the family has children under the age of 18, then the divorce can drag on for years. It is especially difficult to reach agreement on the division of acquired property and raising children. Often, arguments about these issues turn the relationship between former spouses into a real “war”. It is especially difficult for a person who is not prepared to make decisions, who does not know the nuances of the divorce process and who does not know how to defend his interests in court; here you need a divorce lawyer. A lawyer specializing in this subject has all the necessary knowledge, he will help you defend your position.

Legal advice on divorce

In a situation where divorce is inevitable, it is important not to be led by feelings, and not to do unprepared things. In order to avoid possible erroneous actions at any stage of the divorce process, it is important to immediately consult with a professional. A family divorce lawyer will find out the current situation and give competent advice on how to act in your situation according to the letter of the law, taking into account your interests. It does not matter which side to turn to a specialist, in any case you will receive answers and practical advice.
It is worth considering that with a mutual desire of two spouses to divorce, the divorce itself can occur according to a simplified version. For a divorce in such a situation, you must submitt to:
  • Civil registry office (according to Art. 104-106 of the Family Code of Ukraine);
  • or court.

More information about divorce in the Civil registry office or divorce in court can be found in our separate article by clicking on the link.
But even when there is agreement between the spouses, and there are no children under the age of 18 in the family, some situations may arise regarding the division of property. Therefore, it is important to involve a divorce lawyer, who guarantees the absence of long disputes and will help to divorce in accordance with Ukrainian law.

Divorce in court

You will need divorce lawyers if there are children under the age of 18 in the family; such dissolution of marriage is carried out only through the court. The procedure is simplified by mutual agreement and compromise, but this is rarely the case. If one of the spouses does not agree to divorce, then according to Art. 110, 112 UK of Ukraine divorce is carried out exclusively in court. In such a situation, you definitely need a lawyer, divorce becomes more complicated, since in addition to legal nuances, the procedural side also begins to play an important role.
When the court proceedings begin, the opposing divorce party will investigate the motives that prompted the other party to file for divorce. This is really important to achieve the desired result, since the motives depend not only on who the children will live with, but also the frequency of visits. In such a situation, the lawyer must provide the court with evidence supporting the motive for the dissolution of the marriage. Most often, the position is defended by a woman, since in the presence of children, the burden of raising them falls on her.
Situations are different, for this reason it is impossible to give general advice. And a professional will help you find a way out of even the most difficult situation. It is enough to contact a professional lawyer in Kiev and delegate authority to protect your interests in the litigation.

Division of property of spouses upon divorce

According to the law, the property acquired by the spouses is divided in half during the entire period of cohabitation. There is a corresponding article in the legislation of Ukraine (Articles 60, 63 of the IC of Ukraine). This standard gives rise to the main disputes, since in rare cases the spouses bear the same costs for the purchase of goods. Then it is important on whose side the lawyer will be, who is directly involved in the division of property, because there are many situations when property bought after marriage by one of the spouses is divided in half for his own money.
This division of property is the cause of lengthy disputes in the courts, since the court has the right to change the size of the spouses' shares depending on their financial investments. You think that the division of property in equal shares is unfair, and it will not be an honest divorce, a lawyer will definitely come in handy. Litigation continues because the spouses share not only shares; in most situations, it is necessary to share not only property and finances, but also to determine compensation for assets that cannot be physically divided. At the same time, property is often non-financial assets, in such situations you just need a person specializing in the division of property.

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