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Divorce in 2020
Divorce in 2020
With the coming into our lives in 2020 quarantine restrictions COVID-19 raises many questions related to the work of government agencies, the receipt of services, documents. The divorce procedure in 2020, whether it is a divorce in a registry office or a divorce through a court, is subject to constant changes and those rules that are currently in force most likely will not work in a few months.

Divorce in registry office during quarantine

The work of the registry office for the period of quarantine has established restrictions on the reception of visitors. REGISTRY OFFICES do not accept visitors in a live queue, this is due to the restriction on staying in the room for more than 2 people. To get an appointment with the registry office on any issue, you must first make an appointment by telephone on a free date and time in order of priority. But this is not all, the issuance of duplicate certificates of marriage, birth, death has been suspended until the end of quarantine, only primary documents are issued, that is, upon registration (commission), for example, at the birth of a child, marriage registration, death registration. Lost documents can not be restored yet.
Some services can be obtained through the Internet using the web portal "Appeal in the field of state registration of acts of civil status". Digital signature required.
Due to the fact that in each region, local authorities establish a final list of quarantine restrictions, the ability of registry offices to provide services when applying through the Internet portal will differ depending on the region of Ukraine.
If it is impossible to obtain a divorce through the registry office, we recommend that you apply for a divorce through the court. The right to a fair trial is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and therefore the courts cannot stop their work. How to file a divorce through the court during quarantine, read on.

Divorce through court during quarantine

According to article 55 of the Constitution of Ukraine "The rights and freedoms of man and citizen are protected by the court." The court cannot deny people's access to justice even under quarantine. Therefore, the statement of divorce in court will be accepted.
However, there are several changes to the review of divorce cases in 2020:
  • divorce cases in which questions about the division of property, the place of residence of children and other cases requiring proceedings are not considered, are insignificant and are considered in a simplified manner, sometimes without calling the parties, but sometimes with a call. This speeds up legal proceedings and eliminates the need to conduct court hearings with the participation of parties in quarantine;
  • divorce cases can be postponed to a later date, in open court the court conducts only significant cases to which divorce does not apply;
  • a court visit is possible only in a mask and with a passport.

In general, the term for divorce in court is now comparable with that of last year and ranges from 2.5 months before receiving a court decision in person.
The rest - you also need to file a lawsuit in compliance with the requirements of Article 175 of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine. You also need to pay a court fee which is 840.80 UAH.
The application must be accompanied by the necessary documents - the original receipt of payment of the court fee, the original or a copy of the marriage certificate, copies of passports and identification codes of the parties, copies of birth certificates of children if there are children, and, if necessary, other documents, depending on the circumstances of the case.

You can learn more about preparing a statement of claim and filing a lawsuit in our article. "How to file for divorce "and our other articles.

You can get help with the dissolution of marriage during quarantine with our lawyers. You can order a full divorce case or a separate statement of claim through our website - by phone or through the service order form on our website
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