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Divorce through the Internet
Divorce through the Internet
Internet services provide an opportunity order services without leaving home. Over time, more and more services can be ordered on the Internet. It is convenient, does not require effort and time. Is it possible to file a divorce without leaving home?
Thanks to the “Divorce Online” service of our “Yuridopomoga” service, now you can issue a divorce without leaving your home.
To order a "Divorce Online", you must prepare the necessary documents and set a time for a visit to a notary. You can also call a notary to your home, but the cost of his services will increase significantly.

The procedure for registering a divorce over the Internet

To register a divorce via the Internet, you must order the service by contacting us by phone. The order of registration is as follows:
  • Ordering and receiving advice by phone;
  • Preparation of copies of documents and sending them to us by e-mail;
  • Preparation of applications for signature (we prepare all the necessary procedural documents according to your data);
  • Meeting with our notary and signing documents (meeting with a notary may be at your place);
  • Work in court until a court decision is received;
  • Issuance of a court decision.

What documents are required for a divorce over the Internet

The list of documents depends on the situation and is always individual. The following documents are usually required to complete a divorce over the Internet:
  • Copy of your passport;
  • Copy of the passport of the husband / wife;
  • Copy of your identification code (tax number);
  • Copy of husband / wife identification code (tax number);
  • Original marriage certificate;
  • Copy of the birth certificate of children (if there are children).

It will also be necessary to sign two statements prepared by us:
  • Claim of divorce;
  • Application (consent) to consider the case in your absence.

Applications are prepared based on your situation, documents and information received from you.
To represent your interests by our lawyer, a notarized power of attorney is issued in court.
After receiving these documents, we will fully conduct your divorce case in court until a decision is received without your participation.

Divorce in registry office

A divorce in a registry office requires the presence of both spouses at the divorce and to complete a divorce in a registry office via the Internet does not work.
A divorce through a registry office is faster than a divorce in court, but requires several conditions:
  • Consent of both spouses;
  • The presence of both spouses;
  • The absence of children in marriage.

Term of divorce in the registry office is about 1 month.

Divorce through court

We will not dwell on the differences in the way of divorce through the court and through the registry office, you can read about this in the article "Where can I file for divorce?" and our other articles.
For divorce over the Internet, a divorce in court is most suitable. With the help of the issued power of attorney for “representation of interests in court”, we conduct your case on divorce in court without your presence. Our online divorce service includes:
  • Preparation of documents for submission to the court;
  • Monitoring the progress of the case;
  • Receive notifications from the court by mail;
  • Participation in court hearings;
  • Preparation of additional procedural documents;
  • Obtaining a court decision.

We will take all this work upon ourselves and after some time you will receive a ready-made court decision on divorce.

You can order part or all of a divorce case. You can entrust the conduct of the divorce case to experienced legal professionals on our website.
We will be happy to help.

Quick order of divorce

700 grn.
Learning documents
Consultation and judicial strategy
Writing of a statement of claim
Receipt for payment of court fee
12000 grn.
Consultation and judicial strategy
Representation in court with attorney
All court hearings
Receiving a ready-made court decision

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