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Dissolution of marriage or divorce
Dissolution of marriage or divorce
At the beginning of family life no one suggests that a marriage can come to an end, and at some point the question of divorce may arise. Statistically, every year more and more marriages are dissolved.

How to get a divorce in Ukraine?

It all depends on whether there are children from marriage and the consent of the parties.
If there were children from the marriage, then it is necessary to decide on the dissolution of the marriage in court.
Also, if one of the parties is against divorce or does not want to participate, then in this case you need to get divorced in court.

Types of Divorce

Divorce without children. Registry office.

To get a divorce, spouses who have no children need to contact the registry office at the place of registration of one of the spouses and file an application for divorce together.
After that, the date of divorce will be set in the registry office. At the appointed date and time, both spouses must come to the registry office and confirm their intention to divorce.
The presence of both spouses at the application and at the divorce itself is required.
If one of the parties agrees to divorce in the registry office, but cannot attend the application and divorce personally, it is allowed to submit a notarized application instead of the presence of one of the parties, but only one of the necessary actions is to submit the application for divorce or termination itself. Still have to attend at least once in the registry office.
If one of the parties is not able to attend the divorce in the registry office, then only the option of divorce in court will be possible.

Divorce if there are children. Court.

To start a divorce lawsuit, you must file a divorce claim with the court at the place of residence of the Respondent.
If the application is submitted by the spouse with whom the children are registered, or if children are kept on it, then it is allowed to submit an application to the court at the place of registration of the Claimant (the one who submits the application).
Also, if due to health reasons or other valid reasons, the Claimant cannot leave to the Respondent’s place of residence for divorce, he may file a claim for divorce at his place of registration.
After filing an application in case the court has opened the proceedings, it is necessary to wait for the appointment of the first court hearing. The court informs the participants in the case of the appointment of all the meetings by sending them notifications (summons) of the subpoena to participate in the court session.
To divorce you need to come to the hearing, state your position, answer the questions of the court and confirm the claim to terminate the marriage.
If the Respondent in the case has appeared and has confirmed its consent to divorce, the decision on divorce will be made already at the first meeting.
But, if the Respondent did not appear at the hearing or spoke out against the divorce, the decision to divorce will not be made at the first court hearing.
If the Respondent is against divorce, a period for reconciliation from 1 to 6 months will be provided.
If the Respondent did not appear, the meeting will be rescheduled.
If the Respondent is not present at subsequent meetings, then after several adjourned meetings, the case will nevertheless be considered in absentia. On average, the period to review the case in absentia takes six months.
After a court decision on divorce is made, you need to wait for the decision to enter into legal force. This is the deadline for filing an appeal, which is 30 days, or up to 40-50 days for an absentee decision.

Divorce Terms

In Ukraine, one of the fastest divorces in the world, but even these terms will seem too long to you.
  • A divorce in a registry office will take a month.
  • Divorce in court from 3 to 6 months, sometimes more.
For comparison, in Germany, the divorce period can reach 3 years.

The cost of a divorce.

The cost of a divorce in the registry office.

The cost of a divorce in the registry office as a whole will be a small amount up to 50 UAH. For filing an application.

The cost of a divorce in court.

The cost of a divorce in court in 2020 is 840.80 UAH. This is the payment of a court fee. The court may also incur legal costs.

Divorce is a complex process during which issues of property, children, alimony can be affected. It is recommended that competent legal professionals hand over the conduct of the divorce case. You can order a partial or complete case of divorce on our website
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