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Divorce without presence in court and registry office
Divorce without presence in court and registry office
Ffamily life is not always formed as we would like. A significant part of the marriages is terminated later. In these cases, whether we like it or not, it is necessary to file a divorce in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, since the fact of being married imposes obligations and responsibilities on us that may limit our rights and opportunities. This mainly concerns property and parental rights.

Divorce without presence

Divorce can usually take from 1 to 6 or even more months. Also during this time the process requires the application of effort, work. But what if there is no time to deal with the registration of a divorce and study the intricacies of Family Legislation? Is divorce possible without presence? After reading the article to the end, you will find out what is possible, what are the ways of divorce without presence.

Divorce without presence in the registry office

Despite the existence of legislation, each registry office interprets the law in its own way. In practice, there are differences between the position of registry offices in relation to divorces without the presence of both parties or one of them. Depending on the region of the country or even the district of one city, a divorce without a presence in the registry office may be carried out or you may be refused by referring to the Legislation.
In these cases, a written refusal can be requested and appealed against in the court. This will take more time and effort than a divorce through the court or presence in the registry office during the dissolution of the marriage, which makes such actions meaningless, than the state authorities safely use, and not only in this situation.
The divorce procedure in the registry office consists of two stages separated by time in about one month:
  • 1 Filing an application;
  • 2 Directly divorce with the issuance of a certificate.

The divorce procedure in the registry office is described in more detail in the article «Divorce without children»
The most common position of a registry office in relation to a divorce without the presence of one of the parties or both is as follows. You will be required to each of the parties at least once be present at any of the stages (at the filing of the application or at the divorce itself). That is, you can be notarized or a statement to the registry office on the dissolution of the marriage and then come on the appointed day to the dissolution itself. Or vice versa, file the application in person, and to terminate the transfer of a notarized statement with consent to divorce.
You can send the application through your spouse or through a proxy, for example, lawyers of our company. You can also order an application for divorce from us at the registry office (filing), and applications with consent to divorce at the registry office (divorce).

Divorce without presence in the Court

The order and methods of divorce in court are described in detail in the materials of our site, for example in an article «Divorce through the courts»
Divorce in court is more difficult than divorce in the registry office and requires more time, as well as experience working with the courts. It applies in cases where there are minor children from the marriage. Or if there is no consent to the divorce of one of the parties. In these cases, it is impossible to get a divorce through the registry office.
If you need to get a divorce in court, then the issue of time and effort is even more relevant. Not everyone can break away from work to participate in court hearings, submit and receive the necessary documents. Also, for citizens permanently residing abroad it is especially difficult to come to Ukraine and conduct a trial. This is complicated by the lengthy judicial proceedings in time and the frequency of required trips to the court.
If you want to divorce in court, this can also be done without your presence. Lawyers of our company can represent your interests in court. In addition, you will be confident in the literacy of legal decisions that will be offered to you, since they are based on many years of experience in divorce cases.
Our lawyers will be able to pay the court fee, file your lawsuit, keep track of court appointments, participate in court hearings instead of you, submit the necessary procedural documents, and receive a ready-made court decision. They will be able to work with the defendant's objections, defend your position and your rights, respond in time to unexpected turns in the case, counterclaims if any.
To do this, it is enough to conclude an agreement with us and entrust the conduct of a divorce case. And after some time to get a ready court decision on divorce, the act of divorce will be entered into the electronic registry of Civil Status Acts of Ukraine in the registry office, with the ability to take vytyag (extract) from this registry. These documents are completely enough to confirm the divorce in Ukraine and even abroad.

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