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Sample Divorce Request
Sample Divorce Request
Are you looking for a sample divorce application in Ukraine? Well, at the end of the text there is a picture with a sample application for a divorce.

In this article ''Sample application for a divorce in Ukraine'' I want to suggest what you still need to know in order to file for a divorce in Ukraine.

The choice of court. The name of the court in which the application for divorce is filed.

Take a look at the sample divorce application. At the beginning of the application, the name of the court must be indicated. In which court will you file a divorce lawsuit? The lawsuit should be filed with the court of first instance, which refers to the place of registration of the defendant. The name of the desired court is quite easy to find on the website of the judicial authority of Ukraine.

The parties to the divorce case.


Let's look at a sample divorce application. Next, you need to provide information about the plaintiff. The plaintiff is you, the one who files a lawsuit for divorce.
Provide information about yourself. In the sample application for a divorce, you must necessarily indicate your identification number (registration number of the payee payable).
You should also indicate your address of registration of residence. At this address, the court will send you a subpoena (invitation to a divorce hearing). If it is more convenient for you to receive a summons at a different address, indicate the second address for correspondence. In the sample application for a divorce, the second address is better in bold so that the court employee is not mistaken with the address when he prepares a summons for you.
Also, other information provided for in article 175 of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine should be added to the divorce application form. Our sample divorce application states everything you need.


Further, information about the defendant should be included in the sample application for divorce. The defendant is the one to whom you are suing.
If you do not know the number of the identification code of the defendant, or other information - write ''unknown''. But the sample application for divorce must necessarily contain the address of registration of the defendant's place of residence. It is so important that the court will verify the information you specified - for this a request will be sent to the address bureau. And if the information is not confirmed, the court will return your statement of claim.

Description of the substance of the dispute and the related circumstances of the divorce case.

Information on how long spouses have been living separately for the spouse must also be included in the sample application for divorce. Do they lead a common life and a family budget. This is important information. After all, the judge must understand whether your marriage really needs to be dissolved. Or you can try to reconcile the spouses.
If the family has common children, enter information about them in your sample divorce application.
You can specify with whom, at the moment, the children live.

Attachments to the application for divorce.

It is also important to indicate the current list of applications (dodatkіv) to the application for divorce. If you do not have a copy of your passport and spouse’s identification number, remove it from the list of a sample application for divorce in Ukraine.

Payment of the court fee for filing a divorce claim.

But that's not all. Copies of the documents specified in the section '' Appendices '' must be attached to two copies of the statement of divorce (which you give to the court). We only attach the receipt of payment of the court fee in the original (we keep a copy for ourselves).
Let me remind you that before filing a lawsuit, you need to pay a court fee. We attach the receipt of payment to the claim.

Filing and filing a divorce application.

The divorce application form you filled out in Ukraine should be printed on a printer in 3 copies. Two copies must be brought to court. And on the third copy, the court employee must put a mark and give it to you - this document will testify that you have filed a lawsuit with the court on divorce.
We will be happy to answer your questions if they still remain.
Good luck!

Author: Ustinova Alexandra

Sample Divorce Request

Sample Divorce Request

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