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Divorce without presence
divorce without presence
It’s possible to divorce without a presence in Ukraine, but you need to take into account the specifics of the event.

Where divorce occurs

Depending on the accompanying circumstances and situation, the divorce will occur in one of the following authorized bodies:
  • RACS;
  • Court.
In the RACS (registry office), divorce is possible only if there were no children from the marriage. Both spouses must also agree to a divorce.
In other cases - there are children or one of the couple does not agree to divorce, divorce is possible only through court.

Divorce without the presence of the court

Divorce in court without presence is possible, but since this is an important lawsuit during which it is possible to consider other related issues, it is still necessary to carefully consider and control it. In order not to get unexpected results in the court decision, you can control the process in person or with the help of a representative.

How we handle divorce cases without your presence in court

So, you can get a divorce in court in person or with the help of a representative.
Being abroad or not having time to engage in divorce in court, the best solution would be to contact us for help. Our turnkey divorce service works as follows:
  • 1 Conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal assistance.
  • 2 Receive copies of documents by email. Of the documents usually provide copies of passports, identification codes, marriage and birth certificates of children. You can provide copies of documents in person at our office.
  • 3 Preparation of documents for signature. Having received copies of the source documents, we are preparing several statements that will allow us to obtain a court decision on divorce. The statement is prepared individually based on your situation, from your words. Ready-made applications are sent to you for signature via e-mail.
  • 4 Signing of documents. You can sign documents while in Kiev in person at our office. For those who are not in Kiev to sign applications, you need to print them from your email, sign and send us by mail or by courier to Kiev.
  • 5 After receiving the signed statements, we open a case in court and conduct it until a court decision is received. We participate in court hearings, we inform you about the progress of the case, we receive a ready-made court decision.
  • 6 You can pick up the final court decision on divorce, which has come into force, in person at our office in Kiev, or we can send it to your address by mail or using one of the international courier services.

Divorce without presence in the RACS

Completely divorcing without a presence in the RACS will not work.
The divorce in the RACS consists of two stages - the submission of the application and then after a while the direct divorce itself.
For a divorce, the RACS must submit an application for divorce to the RACS. This statement is in two parts. Each of the spouses fills its half. The application is submitted jointly by the spouses; the filing will require the personal presence of both spouses.
In some cases, one of the spouses may apply. By agreement with the RACS, one of the spouses can fill out their half of the application in advance, and assure their signature with a notary. Then the second spouse will fill out the second half in the RACS and submit an application. But in the future, this will not free both spouses from the need for personal presence on the divorce.
After submitting an application to the RACS, the date of divorce is assigned (on average one month later). In order for the divorce to take place, both spouses must come at the appointed date and time, and confirm the intention to divorce. Without confirmation, a divorce will not take place. It will be necessary to attend the termination in person.
Summing up, we can conclude that divorce in the RACS is completely impossible without presence. In practice, spouses will be required to be present at the application or at termination.
If you still intend to divorce without a presence, then divorce in court can help you.
You can order a statement of claim for a divorce or completely conduct a case about a divorce on our website

Quick order of divorce

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Learning documents
Consultation and judicial strategy
Writing of a statement of claim
Receipt for payment of court fee
12000 grn.
Consultation and judicial strategy
Representation in court with attorney
All court hearings
Receiving a ready-made court decision

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