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What you need for a divorce
What you need for a divorce in Ukraine
What you need for a divorce - if you ask such a question, it means your marriage has come to an end and the time has come to legally formalize the dissolution of your marriage.
For a divorce in Ukraine, it is necessary for the relevant authorized body to make a decision (court, article 105 of the Family Code of Ukraine) or draw up an act of termination of the marriage (registry office, article 106 of the Family Code of Ukraine).
Which government agency will dissolve your marriage depends on several conditions, consider these conditions below.

Conditions for divorce in the registry office

What is needed for a divorce in Ukraine in the registry office:
  • 1 The spouses do not have joint minor children;
  • 2 Both spouses agree that the marriage must be terminated;
  • 3 Both spouses are willing to personally attend the filing of a registry office and divorce; and they will be in Ukraine on the appointed dates.
What is needed for a divorce in the registry office if all these conditions are met - both spouses together must submit an application to the registry office and pay a fee (8.50 UAH.) And a fee for the provision of administrative services (24.00 UAH.). The personal presence of both spouses is required, except in cases where, for health reasons (or other important reason), one spouse can remotely fill out his part of the application and notarize his signature. Next, the date of the immediate dissolution of the marriage will be set, in about a month. At the dissolution of the marriage, the spouses must also be personally present together. If one of the spouses is not on the appointed date - the termination will not take place.
In some other rare cases, the dissolution of the marriage also occurs in the registry office:
  • After recognizing one of the spouses is missing;
  • The second spouse is declared incapable by the court;
  • The second spouse is serving a sentence in prison;
  • Other cases.

Conditions for divorce in court

What is needed for a divorce in Ukraine in court is one of the following conditions or all of these conditions:
  • 1 There are minor children from marriage;
  • 2 One of the spouses does not agree to divorce or does not want to participate in the dissolution of the marriage in the registry office;
  • 3 The location of the second spouse is unknown or he does not support communication.
To apply to the court will need a claim or joint statement. The original receipt of the court fee payment is attached to the application; copies of passports, codes (tax numbers), certificates of divorce and the birth of children.
How to make a claim for divorce and its content is described in our article How to write a statement of claim for divorce
Opening a divorce case in court provides for consideration of the following issues if they are included in the claims:
  • of alimony;
  • determination of the place of residence of children;
  • property division;
  • the order of communication of the child with the second parent and his relatives;
  • other related issues.
After the successful opening of the court proceedings, the participants in the case, the claimant and the respondent will be summoned to the court. In the case of a successful consideration of the case, a court decision will be issued on the dissolution of the marriage, which will enter into force in 30 days. The total period for a divorce in court will be from 2 months.
In general, the conduct of a divorce case may be difficult enough for an unprepared person. In this case, you can ask for help from lawyers who have experience in dealing with Family Law.

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