Divorce online
IsIs there a online divorce service in Ukraine? We offer you a service from yurdopomoga.com.ua Divorce Online.
Divorce Online Service from Yurdopomoga company are a service for individuals for registration of divorce in Ukraine. The service includes all actions for filing a divorce for the Customer with minimal participation. Copies of documents are sent by email ustinov.igor20177@gmail.com. In the future, the user's personal account will be developed with the necessary forms for placing an order, sending copies of documents, calling a courier, and paying.
The customer sends the required original documents to our courier (Kiev and Kiev region) or can send them to us via postal services.
Depending on the chosen method of divorce, the list of required ones may vary.

How does Divorce Online work

Consider what is Divorce Online Service on practice.
How to work with the service yurdopomoga.com.ua Divorce Online Service:
  • 1 Consultation by phone or Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  • 2 Sending copies of documents to e-mail ustinov.igor20177@gmail.com;
  • 3 Determination of the method of divorce;
  • 4 Choice by the Customer of the necessary basic and additional services;
  • 5 Conclusion of the contract;
  • 6 Payment under the terms of the contract;
  • 7 If necessary, the transfer of original documents (courier, mail, in person);
  • 8 Further, the dissolution of the marriage by our lawyers takes place, informing the Customer about the progress of the work;
  • 9 Transfer to the Customer of the documentary results of the dissolution of the marriage, depending on the method of divorce, this may be - a certificate of divorce or a court decision to dissolve the marriage.
Divorce Online Service from Yurdopomoga company will significantly reduce the time you spent on the termination of marriage.
Сервис Divorce Online Service from Yurdopomoga is fully accessible for use according to the described scheme - by foreign citizens and citizens of Ukraine permanently residing abroad.
Terms of the service Divorce Online are comparable with the terms of the usual dissolution of marriage, depend on the chosen method of divorce and other conditions. In some cases Divorce Onlinecan occur faster than the usual order of divorce by saving time to visit the office, preparing documents.

How to order Divorce Online

You can order Divorce Online right now on our site. To order Divorce Online just contact us in any convenient way:
  • By phone or Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  • Send an email to ustinov.igor20177@gmail.com;
  • Click on the quick order button (for example, at the bottom of this page).

You will find more information on our website https://www.yurdopomoga.com.ua.

Quick order of divorce

700 grn.
Learning documents
Consultation and judicial strategy
Writing of a statement of claim
Receipt for payment of court fee
12000 grn.
Consultation and judicial strategy
Representation in court with attorney
All court hearings
Receiving a ready-made court decision