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How much is a divorce in Ukraine
How much is a divorce in Ukraine
If family life did not work out and the only solution is to terminate a failed marriage, then the question arises of the practical implementation of this legal action. One of the main components of the task will be to determine the amount to be spent on this event or, more simply, answer the question “How much does a divorce cost in Ukraine?”.
This amount will largely depend on the chosen method of divorce and the amount of personal time you are willing to spend for this.

Ways to Divorce

The method of divorce can be:
  • 1 In the civil registry office of the RAGS - without children, with the mutual consent and personal presence of all spouses;
  • 2 Judicial - if there are children or the second spouse refuses to give consent;
  • 3 The remaining rare cases that require separate consideration, such as the recognition of a spouse as missing, incapable, serving a prison sentence, and so on.

Cost of administrative services

If in the matter of choosing a method of filing a divorce, you are mostly limited by external circumstances beyond your control, then with regard to the time spent and the effort you make, you can choose and decide to spend your time or money to pay for a specialist.
So, how much is a divorce in Ukraine for self-registration:
  • 1 In the bodies of RAGS - the fee for the provision of administrative services UAH 8.50; payment for drawing up an application by an employee of RAGS UAH 22-24.00; Commission of the bank;
  • 2 In court - 768.40 UAH. at the court fee; Commission of the bank.

Attention! The court fee is tied to the minimum wage in Ukraine and increases over time with it.

The cost does not include costs associated with the division of property, alimony and other issues that are associated with the dissolution of marriage, but are not mandatory for all divorces.

Legal fees

The cost of legal services may vary depending on the region and the pricing policy of providing professionals.
How much does a divorce cost in Ukraine if you use the help of lawyers or a lawyer:
  • In the RAGS;
Basically, the help of specialists is not provided, since all actions require the personal participation of applicants. In some cases, you can contact a lawyer or a lawyer for help in drafting an application to the RAGS for filing in the absence of one of the spouses. The cost of making from 500 UAH. Also notarization of the application is required - the cost is from 500 UAH.
  • In a court;
To file a lawsuit you will need a claim, the cost of drawing up a statement of claim separately - from 500 UAH. Fully conducting a divorce case may have a cost of 3000 UAH. Also related services such as filing a lawsuit, obtaining a decision, obtaining information on a case, paying a court fee, participating in meetings can be ordered separately.

How much is a divorce in Ukraine - you can sum up that basically it is determined by the financial capacity of the person asking this question. In the article we outlined the minimum and approximate maximum limits of the cost of divorce.
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