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Divorce online through RACS in Ukraine
Divorce online through RACS in Ukraine
After the decision to stop family relationships spouses are faced with the question of determining the procedure. Family law provides for two options for the divorce process, by contacting the authorities and through the courts. Citizens who are planning to divorce through the offices of RAGS, have the opportunity to use the method of divorce online.

The process of divorce online

The Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Acts of Civil Status” provides for the right of citizens to file a petition for divorce through the official website of the Ministry of Justice (Fig. 1). The procedure for filing documentation is as follows:
  • 1 Create an account. During registration, the personal data of the applicant and the e-mail address are entered;
  • 2 Selection of the application option;
  • 3 Authorization in the system. This is done using a bank card owned by the applicant or using a digital signature. To obtain an electronic signature, you must first contact the authorized state bodies. The term for making a signature is 2-3 days. A citizen has the right to use an electronic signature within two years. It is recommended to take into account the increased level of danger of unlawful acquisition of information on a bank card, if this method is chosen for authorization;
  • 4 The choice of units for registration of acts of civil status. It is allowed to perform the procedure of divorce in a state body at the place of registration of one of the spouses;
  • 5 Pre-entry. The system offers possible dates and times for submission of documentation in the selected department of the RAGS;
  • 6 Attachment of attached documents in electronic form.

The accompanying papers include a marriage certificate. If available, a written exemption from the introduction of state duty or a previous court decision is added.

Attention! The divorce proceedings are determined on the basis of the type of application for divorce.

There are such options for applications depending on the requirements:
  • to dissolve the marriage due to the incapacity of the husband (wife);
  • to terminate family relations, since one of the spouses is recognized as missing;
  • to get a divorce by agreement of both parties.

If the spouses make a mutual declaration, a prerequisite is the absence of minor children. Appeal option must match the situation of the applicant.

Divorce practice online

Divorce online always ends with a personal visit to a government agency. At the time of appeal, the applicant submits the originals of previously sent documents in electronic form. A new way to file for divorce saves time and speeds up the process. A citizen comes to the reception at the chosen convenient date and time.
Currently, online divorce is not practiced in all branches of RAGS. This is due to the technical equipment and system operation. You can use the service in Kiev, cities of regional importance. In other cities, the termination of family relations in the traditional way. Proposals for amending the law do not predict improvements in the online divorce system and the release of the spouses from personal visits to the offices of the Registrar General.
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