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Divorce lawyer
Divorce lawyer
Divorce is often accompanied by a difficult emotional situation, which does not always allow a correct assessment of the situation and an adequate decision to be made. In such cases a divorce lawyer will help you.
Years of experience in conducting divorce proceedings, as well as the possession of an actual regulatory framework, allows our specialists to quickly, competently and professionally apply existing knowledge in practice.

Divorce through registry office

This option of divorce is available to those who do not have minor children. Also important factor is the mutual consent to the termination of the marriage relationship. According to the laws of Ukraine, the spouses are given a month to establish relations and reconciliation, after which, if confirmed intentions to dissolve the marriage, the registry office automatically takes a positive decision.
From the documentation in this case, it is necessary to provide a passport, an identification code and the original marriage certificate.

Divorce through court

If one of the spouses does not want to divorce, or there are small children in the family, then the marriage can only be dissolved through the court. The court itself or in the process of reviewing the petition of a lawyer for divorce decides on giving the spouses time for reconciliation: from one to six months.
Disagreement of one party is not a reason for refusing to divorce, since such a decision infringes upon the interests of one of the spouses. If initially the husband and wife are aimed at quickly resolving the issue of divorce, then a notarized contract is provided along with the application, in which the divorce lawyer helps to prescribe the main issues affecting this process: raising and maintaining children, sharing property, living with minors parents and other issues.

The need to hire a divorce lawyer

If there is a mutual consent to terminate the relationship, then we can confine ourselves to legal advice of a specialist. In cases when it comes to the division of property, the struggle for children, it is better to resort to the representative services of a competent lawyer. Such representation will help speed up the divorce process and increase your chances of success.
The scope of divorce attorney services may be as follows:
  • advice on current legislation of Ukraine and the practice of application of the law;
  • collection of documentation for divorce through the registry office or the court;
  • formation and systematization of evidence base confirming your position;
  • assistance in the conclusion of a settlement agreement in the divorce process;
  • speeding up the procedure;
  • a full range of turnkey services that do not require the participation of the party whose interests are represented by a lawyer in court sessions;
  • preparation of a draft agreement on the upbringing of children, payment of alimony, division of jointly acquired property, if consensus is reached.
The cost of such an attorney depends on many factors and the total amount of the divorce case. The total price is based on the range of services provided and the result obtained.

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Quick order of divorce

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