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How to divorce
Ukrainian family law provides for the right of spouses to dissolve a marriage on the initiative of one party. There are several options for how to get a divorce. Before you dissolve the union, you should consider the factors of the presence of minor children, the lack of consent of the other spouse and the presence of controversial issues.

Divorce through the registry office

A couple who does not have children under the age of 18 are entitled to submit a joint application to the registry office. By law, this can be done at the place of registration of one of the parties or in the state body that registered the union. Using the official website, citizens have the opportunity to pre-register for a specific date and time. You must have the following documents with you:
  • passport and tax number;
  • Marriage certificate.
After the adoption of the application is given a period of thirty days. During this period of time, the spouses are entitled to refuse the application. Otherwise, after the expiry of thirty days, a certificate of divorce shall be issued.
The application for divorce is filled out by an employee of a government agency using computer equipment. On the printed version of the couple put down their signatures.
Attention! The law requires a man and a woman to personally apply to the registry office.

How to divorce in the absence of such a possibility? Submission of an application, pre-certified by a notary, is allowed. But to personally appear in the registry office once all still have to each of the spouses.
When applying for a state fee is paid. In accordance with the Law of State Ukraine "On State Duty" in 2019, the rate is 0.5 of the non-taxable minimum income of citizens (8 UAH. 50 kopecks).

How to get a divorce if the second spouse does not agree?

In the absence of mutual desire, how to divorce is determined by the norms of family law. To do this, the initiator applies to the judicial authority. Article 175 of the Civil Code of Ukraine regulates the requirements for the petition submitted.
Attention! When filing a claim by a woman, the document should indicate the desire to be referred to as the current surname or to return the former surname.

Depending on the workload, but within the stipulated time limits, the parties receive to the specified addresses of subpoenas. If the claim reported a mobile phone number, a message is sent to it with the text of the summons.
Practice shows that in expressing the disagreement of the second party with the claim requirements, the decision is not made after one court hearing of the case. After making a positive decision for the plaintiff, the parties to the dispute are issued a corresponding document confirming the dissolution of the marriage.

Divorce through court

The presence of minor children is required by law to terminate a marriage by filing a lawsuit in court. How to get a divorce in court? The plaintiff prepares a lawsuit in compliance with the requirements. The sample contains the following information:
  • 1 The cap of the document, which indicates information about the judicial authority, the plaintiff and the defendant. As well as the address of registration and residence, if they do not match and contact phone numbers.
  • 2 Title of the document.
  • 3 Description of the situation on the merits.
  • 4 References to the norms of legislation.
  • 5 Claim.
  • 6 List of accompanying documents.
  • 7 Signature and date of compilation.
Attached to the statement of claim such papers in copies:
  • the plaintiff’s passport (if there is a copy of the defendant’s passport), tax number;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • birth certificates of the joint children.
You should also attach the original receipt of payment of the court fee. The size is determined in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Court Fees”.
It is additionally allowed in the lawsuit to make demands on the establishment of the place of residence of a minor child after the termination of family relations and the procedure for the participation of the second parent in the upbringing and financial support of his son (daughter).
During the trial, the judge will more accurately find out the reasons for the divorce, decide the question of giving time for reflection. If reconciliation for a month does not occur, the spouses are divorced. The parties receive copies of the judgment.

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