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How to make a divorce?
Married life may not be as pleasant as it seems during marriage. But Ukraine is a secular state, so you can always get a divorce and enter into a new relationship. Registration of a divorce is possible at almost any time after marriage.

Divorce by mutual agreement

In case both spouses are ready to dissolve the marriage, they must jointly draw up an application and submit the papers:
  • an application is submitted to the RAGS in the absence of common children under the age of 18;
  • cases on divorce of families with minor children, including adopted children, are resolved in court.
In both cases, the duration of the process is 1 month, during which you can withdraw the application. The amount paid as a fee is not refundable.

Through RAGS

For divorce through the RAGS, spouses must complete a general statement in the inspector’s office. You need to apply to the office at the place of residence of your wife or husband. It will take:
  • passports of both parties;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • receipt of payment of the fee for divorce.
Reference! If one of the spouses cannot attend the RAGS, he should fill out his half of the application for divorce in advance and assure her of the notary.

A month later, both applicants must re-enter the RAGS to register a divorce. A certificate of divorce is issued on site and a corresponding stamp is put in the passport. If the parties cannot be present in a month, you need to write an application for the extension of the divorce. In general, the campaign in the RAGS can be postponed up to 1 year from the moment of filing the papers.
Important! The consent of the spouse is not required if he is declared missing or incapacitated. The application is submitted to the RAGS by one of the spouses in the presence of supporting documents.

Through court

Having common children can delay the process. It is recommended to consult a family lawyer about difficulties before filing an application. In drafting the application to the court will be required:
  • passports;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • certificate of birth or adoption of children;
  • agreement on parenting after a divorce;
  • receipt of payment of the court fee.

After filing a lawsuit, the date of the hearing is set (in a month). With proper drafting of an agreement on the upbringing of children, the divorce will be formalized at the first meeting.

How to make a divorce at the initiative of one of the spouses?

How to make a divorce in this case?
Divorce is possible at the request of one of the spouses, even if the second does not agree. The presence of common children and jointly acquired property does not matter, as in any case a lawsuit is filed in court. You should contact the authority at the place of registration of the defendant. Together with the statement of claim you will need to submit:
  • own passport;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • birth certificate of children, if any;
  • receipt of payment of the fee.

Attention! You can not file for divorce, while the wife is pregnant, as well as until the execution of the youngest child of 1 year. The Family Code provides only a few exceptions for such cases.

Even if the defendant does not agree to a divorce, the court terminates the marriage sooner or later. But it is difficult to predict the exact date. Things stretch for several months.

If you still have questions about how to apply for a divorce - contact us and we will help you make a claim for divorce and file it.
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