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How to apply for a divorce
Creating a family, officially registering their relationship, each person seeks to find happiness and peace. On the wedding day, many young people imagine themselves after many decades surrounded by children and grandchildren. But the statistics is relentless and shows an annual increase in the number of divorces. Having not lived together and 5 - 10 years, families break up. Treason, indifference or aggression of one spouse, lack of funds, bad habits and dependencies, as well as not wanting to change and do something sooner or later, lead to the adoption of such radical decisions. The motives and reasons for dissolving marriage can be completely different; only one thing unites them - the desire for a better life.
For each family member, divorce is a stress and anxiety, especially the situation is aggravated by the presence of joint children. This article will look at how to apply for a divorce and what documents are needed in order to start the divorce process.

Divorce in the registry office

When the couple came to a mutual decision to divorce, they have no joint children, the wife is not pregnant at the time of filing the application, it is possible to file a divorce in the registry office. To do this, you must be in the registration authorities at the place of official registration of one of the spouses. Inspectors accept by appointment. For the convenience of citizens and to save their time, today there is a service in large cities, on whose website you can make an appointment with a specialist online. On the appointed day, you should always have a passport, identification code and marriage certificate. Each of the parties fills out a statement confirming the desire to terminate the marriage. After completing all the necessary documents, the couple is given a month to rethink, and the opportunity to save the marriage. After the allotted time, if the husband and wife have not changed their intentions, the marriage is canceled. Also, if there are valid reasons and relevant documentation, the divorce process can be carried out without the personal presence of one of the parties.

Divorce in court

In the case when children under the age of majority grow up in a family, it is possible to divorce only through a court. In this situation, the package of documents will look like this:
  • 1 Civil passports of spouses, their identification codes, marriage certificate.
  • 2 The claim in court.
  • 3 Birth certificate of the child or children, copy.
  • 4 In some cases, an income statement and a contract for the maintenance of minor children may be filed.
After the marriage is dissolved, the court may establish - with whom the child will live, the mode of communication with the second parent and the amount of material benefits.
What to do if one of the spouses does not consent to a divorce, does not make contact and compromise? You should know that it is possible to initiate the divorce process yourself. Enlist the reliable support of people close to you and experienced lawyers. A specialist will help solve all disputed issues.
If you still have questions about how to apply for a divorce - contact us and we will help you make a claim for divorce and file it.
Also on our website you will find other useful information on how to apply for a divorce.

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