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Family relationship. Divorce or end of marriage
Divide property between ex-spouses can be hard. After reading this article, you will get acquainted with the grounds leading to divorce. Understand which situations lead to termination of relations by civil registry offices, and which only through the courts. Get acquainted with the design of a divorce. It will become clear to you at what moment the marriage will be declared terminated.

Grounds and reasons for divorce

Family law spells out points leading to divorce:
  • statement of termination of marriage. It is served jointly or by one of the faithful;
  • the death of a husband (wife);
  • the husband (wife) is declared dead in accordance with the court decision;
  • termination of marital relations upon a written application of the guardian of one of the pious, if the fact of his incapacity is confirmed.
There are two ways to break a marriage bond:
  • 1 in the registry office;
  • 2 by the court decision.

Main feature

Despite these two options, there is an important limitation set by the Family Code. Due to which it is forbidden to divorce my wife during the whole pregnancy and until the child is 12 months old.

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Divorce by civil registry offices

In the absence of children in the family and mutual consent, the marriage can be dissolved. This rule is spelled out in article 106 of Family Law.

Exceptional moments

The divorce will take place even in the presence of children, if the fact becomes clear:
  • 1 incapacity of the spouse (s);
  • 2 unknown absence of a wife or husband, according to a court decision;
  • 3 conviction for a crime.
After a written application, a divorce will occur. It will take a whole month. At the hands of the former faithful will receive a state document - a certificate of divorce.
In case of termination of family relations, mutual consent of both persons must be taken into account.

Divorce by the court

There are several reasons when you have to defend your personal interests in the courts:
  • 1 lack of consent for the husband’s (wife’s) divorce;
  • 2 having a common child, if his age does not exceed eighteen years;
  • 3 the obstacles of the second spouse to divorce in the registry office.
All these actions are well documented in articles 105, 109, 110, 112 of Family Law.

Documenting the decision to divorce

Registration of a divorce takes place in accordance with the norms and requirements of the Family Code.
In a state institution, an entry is made in Article 106 of Part 2 of the Family Code of Ukraine. It contains detailed information about the participants in the divorce (their names, names, passport details, etc.), as well as the date of the divorce.
After that, a divorce certificate is issued, which is subsequently transferred to both parties.

Official Divorce:

  • through the registry office;
Marriage is deemed to have been terminated from the date of the issuance of the divorce certificate.
  • through the court.
The marriage union is terminated after the officially adopted court decision. After some time, the court must provide this information to the registry offices.
Now you are familiar with all the nuances of a divorce and can help your loved ones in such situations.

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