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Family Lawyer
Protracted conflicts between spouses usually always lead to a rupture of family relationships. After a divorce, there are a lot of problems that can be solved quickly enough with the help of a family lawyer. A professional specialist is well known in legal issues, so he will take the necessary measures to resolve disagreements as soon as possible.

Types of legal assistance provided

The Lawyer acts in the interests of his client and contributes to the effective resolution of questions on:
  • property division
  • streamlining alimony relations;
  • recognition of paternity;
  • deprivation of parental rights;
  • guardianship;
  • termination of marriage.

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This list is quite comprehensive but not exhaustive. There are other issues.

Family lawyer and his methods of work

First of all, a family lawyer is looking for ways to resolve the problem peacefully, without involving a court in court proceedings. Provided advice is useful for the principal. On them, the client receives reliable legal information that can smoothly lead to the correct decision to get out of one or another situation.
A family lawyer with practical experience selects the appropriate method for each case. Quite an effective method is the organization of negotiations of the parties. At such an event, each participant in the dispute must concede in something in order to find a mutually beneficial solution.
The issues of maintenance obligations, communication with children, belong to a separate category of family disputes. Such conflicts are resolved by judicial verdict or by agreement. The latter option is most convenient for many. In this case, a document is drawn up in which the conditions for the payment of benefits for the maintenance of the child are specified. At the same time, the amount of payments, frequency and method of money transfer are recorded.
Sometimes it is not possible to persuade one of the parties to a dispute in a negotiation process. Then you have to act through the court. Family conflict cases are distinguished by a large variety of nuances. The family lawyer provides assistance in this matter, which is necessary for the competent preparation of the claim and the preparation of the necessary evidence. A competent family lawyer will be able to present the claimant’s claims with the necessary arguments and references to laws. In such a situation, the court usually makes a decision in favor of solid evidence representing the position of the plaintiff.
With the support of an experienced family lawyer, it is possible to get alimony from non-performing debtors, to deal with guardianship problems and other difficult matters.


Contact our lawyers for help you will recieve:
  • individual approach to your business;
  • several solutions to the issue, from which you can choose the most suitable one;
  • our many years of experience in dealing with family law matters;
  • strict adherence to agreed deadlines;
  • professional communication and moral support;
  • long-term cooperation with the same lawyer on current and future issues, you will not have to re-talk about your personal situation to new employees.

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