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How to issue a divorce quickly?
In some situations, a divorce is necessary in the shortest possible time. This can be caused by different reasons. Sometimes, in fact, the spouses have not lived together for a long time and are in a relationship with other people. This happens quite often. But sooner or later there comes a time when the divorce will still be required. Then the spouses will want to know how to file a divorce quickly. After all, no one wants to drag with this business.

Fast divorce conditions

In order for the spouses to be able to divorce in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to fulfill one main condition - they should not have any disagreements. That is, the couple should be reciprocally willing to divorce and should not have material or any other disputes. In this case, even joint children will not prevent a quick divorce.
Divorce can be held in two state institutions:
  • Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts;
  • court.

In the first case, spouses will need a minimum number of documents. All you need is to come together at the RAGS and fill out the application for divorce. You will also need a copy of the marriage certificate. After that, the staff of the institution shall fix the date on which both spouses must appear for the registration of the divorce. Usually, the procedure is not carried out earlier than in a month.

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In court, divorce occurs when there are joint underage children of a couple. In this case, the spouses can make a joint application for divorce, as well as provide an agreement "On joint education and material support for the child after the termination of the marital relations of the parents." The fact is that the state strives to ensure the well-being of children, therefore it is obliged to clearly allocate responsibility for them between the separated parents.
Despite some difficulties, even through a court, you can make a fairly quick divorce. The main thing is mutual consent of spouses and absence of claims to each other. In this case, the court will not complicate the situation: holding long proceedings, setting a time limit for reconciliation. The husband and wife will be allowed to disperse in the shortest possible time.

Minimum legal time for divorce

The minimum period of time for which spouses can divorce in Ukraine is one month. Before this time by law, neither the court nor the RAGS have the right to terminate the marriage. In practice, the fastest divorces occur over a period of 40-45 days.
A minimum period of one month is given to the couple in the hope that they will come to an agreement and change their mind about parting. This is the so-called reconciliatory period. If at that time the couple has changed their decision, they may simply not come on the appointed date to the RAGS or the court. This decision does not bear any consequences for them.

How quickly to issue a divorce?

If you have decided to divorce and do not change your mind, the best option for you will be to contact a qualified lawyer. The specialist will quickly prepare all the necessary documents and applications. He will tell you how best to act in this or that situation to save your money and time. In addition, if necessary, the lawyer will be able to attend on your behalf at the court session. You will not need to waste your time and energy on the confusing divorce procedure. All you need to do is order a statement of claim or issue a power of attorney to a representative.
A fast divorce in Ukraine is quite real. You just need help of the professionals who made many divorces. If you want to get quality and inexpensive legal assistance, then call on the numbers on the phone.
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