Divorce without children
What if the life together did not work out? Nothing else binds close people? Family life is formal. There is nothing left but to resort to divorce. This is not a very pleasant, but necessary procedure. In the case when a married couple does not have joint children, she can be slightly simplified, but only in case of mutual consent to divorce and husband and wife. Consider how to divorce without children more.

Divorce without children through Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts

One of the fastest and easiest ways to divorce is through Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts. But in order to use it you need the consent of both spouses and their personal presence twice: on filing an application with the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts and at the dissolution of the marriage itself. If any of the above conditions are not met, the divorce will not take place. The following documents are submitted:
  • statement of claim;
  • passports;
  • marriage certificate.
If one of the spouses can not attend the application, he has the opportunity to certify the application from the notary, and then transfer it to the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts. Also, a record for filing documents for divorce through the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts works on the Ministry of Justice website.
If all documents and requirements of the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts are met - in about 1 month will need to come again to confirm registration of divorce. On the appointed date, the spouses must be personally present to dissolve the marriage, failure to attend will be considered as a refusal and divorce will not take place. The presence of a representative by attorney is not allowed.

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Divorce without children through court

In the absence of children, a divorce through a court may be required when one of the parties does not agree to a divorce. And also if there is no connection with the second party, its location is unknown, or it is known that it will not participate in the divorce. In this case, the following documents are provided:
  • original receipt for payment of court fees;
  • statement of claim for divorce;
  • copy of the passport;
  • a copy of the marriage certificate.
The dissolution of marriage in court takes place at the court session, which will be appointed some time after the filing of the statement of claim.In order for the court to make a decision on dissolution of the marriage at the first meeting, the consent and presence of the second party or its representative, or an appropriate statement of the position in the case submitted in advance, is necessary.
After the court has made a decision on the divorce, it will take some time for the entry into legal force, before you can get it. This period can be from 10 days, and up to 1.5 months in some cases. The court decision on divorce is the main document confirming the divorce, the seal in the passport of divorce is put at will.

Divorce without children through legal aid bureau

The services of our lawyers may be required to you in cases where divorce is made through a court, because of the lack of consent of the other party, or lack of information about its whereabouts. Ordering services for divorce, your participation can be limited to signing of a power of attorney and providing copies of documents.
Documents can be submitted personally in the form of photocopies or by e-mail:
  • copy of the passport;
  • copy of identification code (tax number);
  • a copy of the marriage certificate.
The time of divorce will be minimal, as far as possible and as a result you will receive a court decision on divorce that came into force.
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Quick order of divorce

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