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What documents are needed for divorce?
Divorce is an unpleasant process, which the irreconcilable spouses wish to finish and forget as soon as possible. But since not everyone has a legal education, the procedure of divorce for many is a mystery. In each individual case, many factors that affect the required documents and the procedure for actions are taken into account. In this regard, let's try to figure out what situations the paper will need.

Documents for divorce through Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts

This is the simplest form of divorce, since it takes a minimum amount of time and requires a small package of documents. But it can be carried out only on the condition that the spouses both agree to dissolve the marriage and have no common children. In addition, the wife should not be pregnant with her husband. The package of documents is submitted to the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts at the place of residence of the husband or wife and includes:
  • 1 a joint statement of the desire to divorce;
  • 2 passports;
  • 3 marriage certificate.
Both spouses must appear to submit documents to the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts. If one of them for good reason can not arrive at the appointed time, then there is the possibility of filing an application by one party. For this, it is necessary that the absent spouse in advance fill out his part of the application, sign and notarize the document. Only in this case it is possible to submit documents for divorce by one party.
A sample application for divorce can be obtained at the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts or on the official page of the institution on the Internet. By law, a divorce can be made only a month after the application, but in practice this period is extended to 40-45 days.

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Documents for the dissolution of marriage through court

Расторжение брака через суд происходит, когда один из супругов не согласен на развод или у пары есть совместные дети. В первом случае необходимо собрать следующий пакет документов:
  • 1 statement of claim for divorce;
  • 2 copy of the passport;
  • 3 a copy of the marriage certificate;
  • 4 receipt of payment of court fee.
It is important to note in the application the place of residence (registration) or temporary registration of the defendant. Documents are submitted to the local court at the place of residence of the defendant, after which the date of the hearing is appointed. If the respondent is not at the appointed time and there is no document confirming his notification, the procedure is postponed.
In the second case, the "Birth certificate of the child" is added to the above-listed securities. If the child has been adopted, it will be required to provide a certificate confirming the fact of adoption. In addition, if a non-litigation complaint was filed and a "Joint Statement", the court will need a notarized contract "On the upbringing and provision of the child after the dissolution of the parents' marriage", which regulates the financial responsibility for the children between the parents and the order of the child's contact with the relatives. This agreement defines:
  • place of residence of children;
  • a mode of dialogue with parents;
  • material security: the amount of alimony, the schedule of payments;
  • other conditions.
At the end of the trial, the spouses are given a court decision on divorce. It is this document that confirms the legitimacy of the divorce. In addition, both sides must additionally visit the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts in order to put a mark in the passport on divorce.
If there are unresolved disputes about material values, it is better to file a claim for the division of property in another production. This process can last for months as it includes many examinations, property assessments, disputes and other circumstances.

Documents for the dissolution of marriage in our legal aid bureau

With the help of our lawyers, you will spend only 30 minutes of your time and will not feel any discomfort in the process of divorce, as your participation can be minimized, literally. It will be enough for us to get scanned copies of documents in electronic form, which you can prepare at home and send us to the post office, or bring us photocopies to our office. The full list of documents is given below, but there may be a reduction depending on your situation:
  • 1 passports;
  • 2 identification code (tax number);
  • 3 copy of the marriage certificate;
  • 4 certificates of birth of joint underage children (if any).

At the end of the process you will receive a document confirming the divorce.
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