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Where can I file for divorce?
If the couple decided to divorce, then there is a lot of questions about how to do it. Thanks to the complicated procedure of divorce in Ukraine with many conditions and reservations, it happens that without a specialist it is almost impossible to understand it. The way to dissolve the marriage can affect many factors, such as joint children, property, housing rights, alimony. And all these nuances need to be resolved. But the first question arises: where can I file for divorce?
At the moment, there are three ways to form a divorce:

Through the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts.

This option is possible only if the spouses have no claims to each other. They mutually agree to dissolve the marriage and they have no joint children under the age of eighteen. At the same time, the spouse should not be pregnant at the time of application. Children from other marriages are not considered when reviewing documents. Procedure:
  • 1 In the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts to which the place of registration (propiska) of one of the spouses relates, a statement is made by the husband and wife. The personal presence of both spouses will be required.
  • 2 Documents are provided - passports and marriage certificate.
  • 3 The application is completed, which confirms the intention to divorce.
According to the law, from the moment of registration of documents, the spouses are given a month for reconciliation. If this does not happen and the couple still wishes to part, then at the appointed date the husband and wife must appear at the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts for carrying out the divorce procedure. It should be noted that if the spouses decide not to divorce, they can withdraw the application without negative consequences.

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Through the court

A divorce procedure is conducted through a court in the event that one of the spouses does not agree to a divorce or the couple has joint underage children. At the same time, disputes concerning property do not affect the possibility of divorce. When registering a divorce through a judicial institution, you will have to prepare a package of documents that includes:
  • Statement of claim;
  • The marriage certificate (copy);
  • A birth certificate of a child (copy);
  • Passports of spouses;
  • Original receipt for payment of court fee.
In this case, the plaintiff submits a package of documents to a court of general jurisdiction at the place of registration (registration) of the defendant. That is, for example, if the wife wants to divorce, then she writes an application to a judicial institution at the place of registration of her husband.
If at once it is required to fix legally the order of keeping, visiting and raising a child by relatives or one of the parents, there is, the opportunity to divorce under the procedure of the "Joint Statement". This will require a notarized contract "On participation in the upbringing and material support of children after the dissolution of marriage between parents." "Joint statement", as well as statement of claim, is considered by the court at the place of registration (registration) of the defendant. Find a court in which you need to contact the website of the Judicial Authority in the section "Search for the court".

Via the Internet

Recently, a pilot project of the Ministry of Justice was put in place, which allows filing documents for divorce through the Internet. To do this, you need to register on the state web resource "Appeal in the field of state registration of acts of civil status" (link and fill out an online application that initiates the dissolution of the marriage. Then you need to provide electronic copies of the following documents:
  • passport;
  • identification code (tax number);
  • the document on marriage registration;
  • a paid receipt of the state duty for the dissolution of the marriage or a document that confirms exemption from payment of the fee.
The package of documents is submitted to the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts at the place of residence of one of the spouses or their joint address. At the same time, you can not file for divorce online if:
  • the other party does not consent to a divorce;
  • there are children under the age of majority.
Your documents are reviewed by the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts staff within 24 hours, after which you receive a response. If everything is in order, then you are assigned a date when both spouses must come and sign on the application. After this, the couple is given a month for reconciliation, after which you need to come together again and confirm the intention to dissolve the marriage. Only after this is issued an official document on divorce.

Submission of documents for divorce in our legal aid bureau

The easiest and fastest way, which will save you a lot of time. You can bring your documents to our office, send photocopies by mail, or send scanned copies by e-mail. List of documents that need filing for divorce:
  • Copy of passport (second party passport if available);
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • If there are children, a copy of the birth certificate of joint underage children.

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